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How to Clean Install a custom ROM

This post assumes you are experienced in installing custom ROM’s and have TWRP recovery already installed on your Phone


  • Smartphone with TWRP installed
  • A working USB data cable(there are cables for charging only )
  • Download the zip file of the custom ROM you plan to install

    Ensure you have downloaded a ROM which was built specifically for your device.
    Flashing builds incompatible with your device can brick your phone.
  • Take a backup of any important data you have on your phone
  • Ensure you have developer options set on your phone

The Steps

  • On your phone remove any pattern , fingerprint locks you may have set
    This is to avoid any issues during the install process
  • Reboot to Recovery

    You can also boot into recovery by connecting your phone with a data USB cable to and adb enable computer and typing the below command on a console

    adb reboot recovery
  • In the TWRP tap on the button marked Factory Reset
  • In the TWRP tap on the button marked Format Data

    the would remove any encryption on your phone if not encrypted wipe Dalvik + cache + data
  • Copy the .zip file – the ROM you want to install – from your PC to your phone

    You can also do this using the below adb command from the PC console

    adb push download.zip /sdcard/
  • In TWRP main screen tap the Install button
  • Browse to the zip file and swipe to install
  • Once the install is successful you will see an option to Reboot to System

After this the new OS should boot on your phone. Enjoy !!