Download ROMs for Free !!!

Please note that you are downloading and installing these builds at your own risk.
I will not be responsible for your phone bricking up
I will not be able to support you in case of any issues.

On a personal note I release builds that I have been using on my daily driver without no issues.
I have GApps installed and am able to use some 46 apps with no issues including Twitter, Whatsapp, Quora, XDA, WordPress among others. The phone camera and fingerprint features are all working normally.



Built on Aug 12,
(with Aug security patch)

Built on Aug 08,2018:

Built on July 8,2018:
(with July security patch )

Built on July 4, 2018 :
( with June security patch)


TWRP Recovery Installer:


GApps Aroma 64bit ( please note all arm64 bit variant work,but i prefer Aroma as it gives me the option to select what I want to install. You can download the latest Gapps from here


Fixes and Patches:

Fix for the camera in case it does not work on MiA1

How to flash a ROM on the MiA1

The process to flash the build is given here. It will be a clean flash and you would loose all data from your phone. Please take a backup first. In case you have automatic backups enabled on your google drive then check that the latest backups are available before proceeding with the flashing.

Please use the same sequence to avoid issues.