The bird outside my window

A pigeon flutters down and settles on the narrow ledge outside the window. My flat is on the eighth floor. A peek, straight down the ledge, would be scary for most of us. The pigeon does not look worried! It is normal for birds I guess. After all they fly higher, way higher than eight floor buildings. The pigeon is busy preening itself. Cleaning the dirt from its feathers. It is in no hurry. Occasionally it looks around. Checks if the skies are clear of high flying eagles. That could be a problem if you are a pigeon. Once in … Continue reading The bird outside my window

The taming of the brew!

Daju’s designation declared that he was the ‘office water-carrier’. His job required him to fetch water, cook food and keep the office clean . No one in my office, wanted to eat the food he cooked. They preferred to do the cooking themselves. There was not much work in the office where I was the district-in-charge. It was a government office in the foothills of the Himalayas. Still in my early twenties, I was struggling to grow a mustache then. I hoped it would give me a serious and more of a mature look. I was having a tough time … Continue reading The taming of the brew!

A random act of kindness

It was supposed to be a punishment transfer. In my case, I got it because I had just joined a government service. I was packed off to a remote village, high up in the Himalayan mountains. There were no tarred roads in the village. A dirt track linked it to civilization. A bamboo hut with a corrugated-sheet roof became my office cum residence. On records, I was the district-in-charge and had a staff of four who reported to me. These four were local villagers and hardly ever attended ‘office’. Most of the time I was alone in my office. I … Continue reading A random act of kindness