Sometimes I wish life had a Reboot Button

Photo by Jose Antonio Gallego Vázquez on Unsplash

Two decades ago, one fine morning I formatted my PC and installed a then new OS called Mandrake. I had Windows 95 earlier. A whole year or two passed and then I switched jobs. The organization I joined was a Microsoft partner. Employees were expected to not only use windows on their PC’s but even on their phones! At home I formatted my PC again.

After a few hours of use my display froze. I tried clicking the mouse, shaking it, banging it on the table and even tried thumping the PC cabinet. Nothing worked. I finally switched off the PC and restarted it. It was while I was restarting it that I realized that there was a reboot button on the front of the PC cabinet. In all the time that I had used Linux, I had forgotten all about the reboot button!

The Reboot button is a wonderful addition to on the PC cabinet. With a press of the switch your problems whatever they are – a frozen screen, a misbehaving application, a cursor that refuses to move ….all get resolved. Press the switch , hold for a second then release and everything is back to normal. All in a few short seconds.

Sometime I wish life had a reboot button just like that. A control, which would help you refresh the cache, undo the mistakes, remove the bad memories, wipe out the horrible deeds from your past and give you a chance to restart fresh. Would that not have been wonderful? A chance to redeem yourself. Become what you wanted to be when you were a teenager or growing up. I thought about it and realized that there was something I was missing out on.

Remember the computer reset button ? When you reset it the new screen does not have any of the residue from the previous session. It starts fresh. Anything unsaved is wiped or gets corrupted.

I guess that is the reason why we do not have a reboot button in life. Given the chance to start with a clean slate we would make the same mistakes again and again. I guess the mistakes we make in life, the ones that remain etched in our memory are there for a reason. They are there to prevent us from going down the same road. They are there to remind us of our limitations and strengths. They are there to make us a better person.

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