A Brief History of Trash

As I look up , I see two calculators, jostling for space on top of the printer. The printer is on my desk. One of the calculators is new and works. The other is old, dusty and fit for the dust bin. One of these days I am sure I will finally decide to throw it away. Till then it continues occupying prime estate on my desktop. I do not need the calculators. My PC OS has a calculator. My smartphone also has a calculator . This calculator is for my son who is studying for his chartered accountant finals. Then the question arises what is his calculator doing on my desk. Well, he has two on his own desk!

“ There is no more space here.” He said as I tried to return his.He is right. Besides the two calculators there is a heap of books on his table. All I can see of him behind the pile, is the top of his head.

So the calculators remain safe for now, on my table. On top of the printer. There are two mosquito -racquets both made in China. Again one is working and the other waiting for a decent burial in India. There is a webcam sitting on top of my PC cabinet. Let me give some context here. I work remotely. The rest of my office team works from different parts of the world. We thought, one day we would all web-cam and talk. That day is yet to come. The office team is happy chatting and emailing. Work is not impacted. All the same the webcam waits. There are four plastic bottles on my table. My wife fills them with ‘healthy’ biscuits and snacks. They are supposed to last a week and a lot more. I usually clean them out in a day or two. The empty bottles remain on the desk.

By now you may have realized that I hate to throw things away. Over the years, I have hoarded a vast collection of items. Old hammers with broken handles, screwdriver sets with bits missing. A whole box of cables sits in a corner. Inside it you will find various types of cables. Usb port cables, serial port cables, I-dont-know-what-port cables… there is a huge roll of them. I try to coil them all neatly into individual rolls but somehow once they are in the box they conspire and join forces.

There is a tread-mill lying in a corner in my room. My wife dries clothes on it. There is a complete set of gym weights, dumb-dells and all, rusting away in another corner. My wife tells me that one day she would throw out all the junk and clean up some space. She has these cleanliness-fits every now and then . While in the grip of this aliment she gives away a part of my hoard to the scrap-dealer. Would you believe it if I told you that the guy gave me 100 Indian rupees or about one dollar for my old dell laptop! I had bought it for about fifty thousand rupees or about seven hundred dollars. So what if it was missing a keyboard and the display was hanging out. It still had a RAM and a hard disk which may have worked. Anyway I am digressing.

The point is I take such clearance activities in my stride. After all it clears up space for me to hoard more things.

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