Is there Life after 50?

I stopped celebrating my birthdays some years back. Birthdays for me were just another day in the calendar. This year as the day went by I paused and started to think. I realized that I had crossed 50. To put in in other words, I had completed half the allotted life span for a very healthy, human being. This was a good opportunity to takes stock. Turn back and think about what I had passed on the way.

Photo by Emma Francis on Unsplash

School, college, offices and companies I worked in. The friends I made and forgot over the years. I traveled a lot in the first half of my life. For a few years I lived in a remote village. Then there was a part in my life, where I got lost on the busy streets and crowds of huge cities.

All along the way, I collected memories. Lots and lots of memories. Some good, some bad and a lot that I forgot and buried somewhere deep in my mind.

Now at fifty, I think I am settled. Working on something that makes me happy. Engaging with people more passionate and optimistic than myself. I realized something along the way. I realized that fifty is just a number. The important thing is to enjoy every moment by living life to the maximum. The first fifty years of my life gave me a lot of experiences and ideas. Now is the time to put all that accumulated wisdom to use. The time to do something good and give back to society and others. No need to be a Superman, at least try to be a Decent person and not cause more trouble for the world

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