Victory of Good over Evil

Photo by CHIRAG K on Unsplash

Yesterday India celebrated the festival of Diwali . Also known as the festival of lights. It celebrates the victory of good over evil. Interestingly yesterday we also had an announcement of the death of a a terrorist leader who had shocked the world with his group’s horrific crimes. Good over evil only in a modern context.

Like in all stories and myths, there is always a moral in a story. The moral here is that eventually good prevails. You cannot terrorize and intimidate the world or its people for long.

Does that mean that this is the end of all the troubles in the middle east or does celebrating the festival of lights mean that we are in for an era of prosperity?

It would be good to say- Yes. Unfortunately the reality is not always what we want to hear. Remember the tale of the Hydra, cut of one head and another on sprouts out. That is how it is with our world. Some new crisis or religious fanatic will be waiting to jump and take over the reins.

So is it all dark and gloomy…remember the quote ‘no matter how dark it gets the sun will rise again’.

Believe in yourself and put in your best efforts the rest will happen by itself.

Photo by Claudio Trigueros on Unsplash

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