An Indian Monsoon

Photo by Anandu Vinod on Unsplash

October is almost over. November announces the start of winter, but it is still raining! In India, the monsoon months are from June to August – given or taken a month. During these months, we are supposed to get our annual quota of water from the skies. Despite all the rockets and satellites that we regularly send up, we are still dependent on the Rain Gods. This year the forecast was for a ‘less-than-normal rain’.

Unfortunately for the Met department, the Rain Gods read the predictions. It rained and rained and then rained some more.

Photo by Parth Vyas on Unsplash

It is not that I hate the rains. Some of my oldest and fondest memories are connected with them.

More than two decades ago, I was living in a log cabin high up in the Himalayas. Every day as I opened my door, I would be greeted by the sight of the clouds rolling in from all sides. Heavy rains would follow the clouds.

Photo by Jaromír Kavan on Unsplash

Then I traveled down south, to my home state of Kerala. There at an altitude below sea level, the rain again never seemed to stop. What ever the month or the season it always rained!

Photo by Bibin Thomas on Unsplash

Now I live in Mumbai, where all that I see during the rains is the water drops as they slide down the window panes.

Photo by Wenniel Lun on Unsplash

Over the years the one thing that has not changed is the smell that permeates the air as the first drops of rain hit the ground. Nothing beats the freshness of the color of the leaves on trees and bushes as the raindrops washes them clean of all the dirt and grime.

Photo by Jaimie Phillips on Unsplash

Hmmm.. I think I will miss the rains now that winter is here.

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