It’s been a while….

Photo by Stefan Spassov on Unsplash

Its been a while since I wrote a story , a poem or posted anything on my blog. I was trying to think why………..

Have been busy of late. That is my excuse. Who is not busy you may ask. After all how much time does it take to write a few words and share it. There is so much to write about. The never ending Indian Monsoon, the unpredictable world of politics. The fact that I have hardly read any books of late or rarely catch up on what is happening in the world of cricket…..the options to write about are endless. All that it takes is a little bit of perseverance and I should be able to start again.

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

This time I know it does not have to be a story or include the intricate details of some technical project I was part of recently.

I think I will write about what is happening around me. I think I will share my thoughts about it.

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