How to flash lineage official OTA on the MiA1

Let me explain the process of how to flash lineage official OTA on the MiA1. The reason why this needs a separate post is because it is slightly complicated and the chances of failure are high. The process of flashing the lineage ROM on the MiA1 has changed now that we have a signed Over the Air (OTA) ROM coming in every week on Tuesday.
I am assuming that you have a basic understanding about flashing ROM’s  and understand why custom ROM’s are flashed. I am also assuming you know about platform tools like adb and fastboot and have a working adb and fastboot on your PC.

WARNING: As always remember there is a good chance  that the process of flashing custom ROM’s can seriously damage your phone and even permanently brick it i.e. render it useless. You have been warned  and are doing so at your own risk.

Now that we are done with the warning lets start flashing.
Before you proceed download these files.
Please note these files are available either from this web site or you can search for them on the web and download them from their original sites. I leave the option to you. The point is you would need these files to continue with the task at hand.

Copy required files
Copy the boot recovery image file into the folder where you installed adb on your PC.
Copy the remaining files on to your phone. These files are Lineage ROM for 10 July + Mind the Gaps + TWRP installer.
Copy them into the download folder on your phone. You can either use the PC or try it through adb push is you are comfortable with that.
The command for an adb push would be as under

adb push  /Downloads
adb push <complete file name to be pushed including extension> /<destination>

Coming from Stock MiA1 ROM follow the steps given below. These steps should be the same even if you are coming from other unofficial version of the Lineage ROM  and want to install the official lineage ROM.


Step 1. Boot phone into fastboot mode

From a PC which has adb and the correct drivers installed type the above command to boot the phone into the fastboot mode. This is the mode where you get the picture of a bunny wearing the Chinese army hat!

Alternately you can also switch off the phone. Press and hold volume – and power button and keep holding till you feel it vibrate. This should happen in 1-2 seconds. Then release. The bunny in the hat should be on your screen now!

Step 2 : From the folder where you have installed adb and copied the Boot recovery image type the below command in the console.
fastboot boot boot-recovery.img

Within 2-3 seconds the boot image will be hot booted on you phone and you should be in the TWRP screen.

Step 3. Wipe cache, data and system

Step 4. Flash the Lineage Official ROM for July 10. This is a slightly weird step required because flashing the latest ROM directly will give you an signature verification error!!!
Hope this error is fixed in later versions of the ROM.

Step 5. Flash the TWRP installer .
This TWRP is by CosmicDan and specifically create for the Tissot. Please note the TWRP screen will give you very detailed instructions at each stage of the installation. Read it carefully. In spite of all the help on this page or the Lineage  web sites the setup may still fail in some cases. That is where the messages on the TWRP screen would come in handy. Read the messages and you would be able to resolve most of the issue on your own.

Step 6.   Reboot Recovery. This is a required step
Step 7.   Flash Magisk 16.6
Step 8.   Flash Mind the gapps
Step 9.   Reboot System
Once you have the ROM up and running. Go to  System >> About phone >> Tap the build number 7 times and you will be into developer mode. Enable USB debugging and Advance restart. If you are not familiar with these steps click here for details  
This is just in case you are stuck again and need to recover your phone then it would be helpful to have USB debugging enabled on your phone to allow access through adb from your PC.

Now remember you are in the July 19 version of the ROM.

To get the latest OTA update

  • Go to System >> About Phone >> LineageOS updates and click to download the latest build for your phone.

    This is a painfully slow download so have patience and relax.
    The download from the lineage web site can take hours. It took about 4 hours on my phone that too on a 10 MB internet WiFi connection!
    Once the download is complete install the build . This will also take some time.
    Preparing for first Boot

When the build is finally installed, you can check the results in settings.
The latest ROM released on the Tuesday of the current week should be showing up.

Here there is an important thing to note. Once the new ROM is installed it will wipe out your magisk and TWRP installation .
Mind the Gapps will work seamlessly.
Flash TWRP and magisk again if you need them.


Best of luck!

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