Why install a custom ROM on a Xiaomi MiA1

Before you figure out how to install a custom ROM on a Xiaomi MiA1 you would want to ask the question why would you want to do that. After all the MiA1 is an Android One phone. Which effectively means it runs stock android. So why waste time and install another custom ROM on the device?
That is a good question. I did it because of the following reasons.

1. It was possible.

2. MiA1 is from the house of Xiaomi so the stock ROM is a bit of a misnomer. The Chinese company does have a few tricks up its sleeve. There are a few Mi proprietary apps that come along with the phone. This includes the Mi Camera, the Mi remote control and the Feedback app. The camera on custom ROM’s has issues. The first thing I do when installing the default Mi ROM is I uninstall the remote and the disable the feedback app.

3. The third and most important reason is that Xiaomi in keeping with the Chinese tradition of spying on its people leaks a lot of your personal information back to the Chinese servers. Don’t believe me then read this circular that was issues by the Xiaomi a couple of days back.  The rules are going to come in practice from My 25, 2018. Users will be asked to accept the privacy policy. Once they do it the following information will be collected ……ensure that you are seated before you read this

According to Xiaomi USA, these are the personal data that it will collect once users accept its the new privacy policy.

* Information provided or uploaded voluntarily (including your contact details): Xiaomi may collect “any and all personal information” provided to them like name, mobile phone number, email address, delivery address, ID card, driver license, passport details, Mi Account details (e.g. security related information, name, birthday, gender), order, invoicing details, materials or data that may sync through Mi Cloud or other apps (e.g. photos, contact lists), information in relation to creating an account and participating in the MIUI Forum or other Xiaomi platforms, phone numbers inserted into contacts or to send a message, feedback, and any other information provided.

* Financial information: Information related to completing purchases. For example, bank account number, account holder name, credit card number etc.

* Social information: Information related to your social activities. For example, current employer, current job title, education background, professional training background etc.

I am sure you would not believe this. To read the full privacy policy, click here

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