Unlocking the bootloader of Xiaomi phones

Step by step guide on Unlocking the bootloader of Xiaomi phones
1. Open your browser and browse to the below site http://en.miui.com/unlock/    you would see a screen like this.

Mi Phone Unlock Screen

2. On the page click on the big button marked ‘Unlock Now’ this should take you to a screen with weird characters. Do not worry, by default that click takes you to the chinese website. Look for the word English below.
Mi Unlock Chinese Screen

3. On click of the word English you should not reach the english rendition of the same login page.

Mi Unlock English Screen

On this screen enter your Mi credentials.. it could be your phone number prefixed by country code + password or username + password. Alternately you can also log in with your Facebook credentials.

4. This click will take you to the screen where you will be asked to provide some information. The idea is to ensure you do not have any ulterior motive in unlocking your phone.  Enter correct details or else the chances are good the request will be rejected.  A simple reason mentioning that I want to flash a custom ROM should be good enough.

Unlock Screen Form

5. This will take you to the below screen where you will be sent a sms code to ensure you have indeed put in the request

Unlock SMS screen One

6. You will now be sent a verification code sms on your phone. Enter the code number on the next screen

SMS screen Two

7. This is the screen where you enter the verification code

SMS screen Three

8. On clicking the send button you will come to the final screen which will confirm submission of your request to unlock your bootloader

Submitted Screen

9. Now begins the long wait for the request to be processed. It can take 2 to 10 day as per the website . In my case I think it took about two weeks. Finally you should get a sms with a similar message. Rejoice!!!

sms confirmation

Now you can go back to the website http://en.miui.com/unlock/

now when you enter your credentials it will take you to this screen where you will be asked to download the Mi Unlock tool.

Mi Unlock Download Screen

Now before you start doing cartwheels remember you may still run into a problem. Which is that now after downloading the tool and connecting your device it may still not unlock. Wait for a day or two. The fact that you are now allowed to download the tool in itself is a sign that the God’s in Xiaomi have in their infinite wisdom granted you the right to unlock the bootloader. It started working after two day for me 😦

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