How To-Set up Fastboot on your device

Tip: Disable any security keys, patterns or passwords you have set on your device before trying out any installations. Having a password or lock can cause issues in some installations.You can always set them up later.

Through the PC:

  • Connect your device to an adb enabled PC
    An adb enabled PC is a PC where adb has been installed and is working.
  • Type the below command in a console to check your device is detected by the adb installation

    adb devices
  • This should display a screen like this

this screenshot is from a PC with ubuntu

  • If your console shows an alpha numeric value along with ‘Device’ that would mean you device has been detected
  • If the screen shows unauthorized then it would mean you need to tweak developer options on your PC…check the steps here
  • If the device has been detected then type the below command to reboot to fastboot mode

    adb reboot bootloader
  • This would reboot the device into the bootloader or fastboot mode . On xiaomi devices the device screen would look like this

Through the device keys

Another way to go to the bootloader screen directly from your device is to use the device keys.

The difference between this and the previous method is that this one does not require and adb enabled PC.

This method also requires you to be nimble and may not always work perfectly. Requires a couple of tries to get it right.

Here all you do is browse and find out the correct combination for your device

For example check out this set of key combinations for Google and a few Samsung devices

or search for each device and then check for the device specific boot model.
For e.g. here you can find the Recovery and Download modes for the Xiaomi Mi A1 tissot

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